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Local Whiskey makes perfect mint juleps

While gins, rums and vodka’s, not to mention beers always get a lot of hype and love during the warm weather months, you cannot overlook local whiskey. While whiskey is great on its own as a shot, or simply a glass to sip on, whiskey can also be used to make some great hot weather drinks. Whiskey for example can make a hot afternoon more bearable with such drinks as a mint julep or a whiskey smash.

Mint Juleps are popular in the south, including in Austin, TX, especially considering the sheer amount of local whiskeys we get to enjoy in the ATX. Every year more than 80,000 mint juleps are served over Derby weekend at Churchill downs in Kentucky. Derby week is not to far away, in fact on Saturday, April 30 starts opening night for the derby. There is a reason why the Mint Julep is the drink of the derby, and why millions of them will be sipped across the county on derby weekend, and that is because the mint julep is the perfect hot weather drink.

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Local Rye Whiskey Makes Perfect Summer cocktails

We have talked about many drinks you can make during the warm weather months with local spirits, cocktails guaranteed to wet your tongue and help you endure the heat of the warm Texas months ahead. While many of these drinks are rum based, vodka based, and gin based, there are quite a few local whiskey drinks one can enjoy during the warm months. Next week we will cover the more complex mint julep, but this week we will discuss it’s cousin, the smash. The nice thing about the smash is that it can be made much quicker and simpler than it’s more complex cousin the mint julep. While traditionally a whiskey drink, it is equally at home with rum or brandy as the spirit of choice for this drink. I should also point out that local rye whiskey works like a charm for a smash, in fact rye is my local spirit of choice for my summer time smashes.

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Local Vodka Makes Excellent Hot Weather Drinks

We have started to cover local spirits and liquors to have on hand for the warm months ahead, weather to drink yourself or to entertain guests with. Locally made Vodka is definitely something you should have on hand in the warms months ahead, and if you entertain often you are sure to have guests that enjoy vodka. Here are some simple drink recipes you can make with any local vodka.

Deep Eddy Ultimate sparkling Lemon Drop

1 ½ ounces Deep Eddy lemon vodka
Lemon wedges
Pellagrino lemon sparkling soda, or Pellagrino sparking water

This is a twist on the lemon drop martini, with a refreshing summertime twist. To start take a lemon wedge and rim your glass with it. Then dip your glass into some rimming sugar. Take 1 ½ ounces Deep Eddy lemon vodka, and add in either san pellagrino lemon sparkling soda, or Pellagrino sparking water to a tall glass. You next squeeze in one lemon wedge. Add your ice. Stir. You can also garnish your drink with either a lemon wedge, orange slice or lime slice. This perfect summer time drink uses local vodka and takes the Lemon Drop to a whole new level!


Titos French Blonde

1/2 oz. St. Germain
1 oz. Titos Vodka
2 oz. Lillet Blanc
2 oz. fresh grapefruit juice
A few dashes lemon bitters

Simply add all these ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake for 30 seconds, strain and pour into your glass. Titos just happens to be my favorite choice as far as local vodka goes for a french blonde, or at least my take on a french blonde, as the original recipe uses gin, but Titos works wonders on this drink, turning it into the perfect summer drink.

Lemon berry punch

1 oz Chambord liqueur
1 oz Cinco vodka
Lime wedge
Berries of choice

Simply add all ingredients, except lime and berries into a shaker, with ice. Shake for 45 seconds. Take glass and add ice and berries to glass. Take shaker and pour into glass. Place lime wedge onto glass rim. Ive found Cinco Vodka is the best local vodka for this particular drink recipe, but any locally made vodka will do.

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Local Spirits Make Easy Summer Cocktails

2015 saw the year of local spirits in Texas. Now with the warm weather on our doorstep it is time to think about entertaining guests and hot warm nights. With that comes the time of year to think about hot weather drinks, which can be made with local spirits, after all we like to keep it local in the ATX. If you have the time to make elaborate cocktails at your warm weather gatherings more power to you, but for many of us we prefer cocktails we can make for our guests with quickness and ease. To that end I am here to help you not only save time, but also create cocktails for your guests that they will enjoy, and remember for months to come. All of the drinks I will highlight can be made on the fly with minimal effort, and with local spirits, yet taste awesome. Lets begin shall we?

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Warm Weather Drinks – Rum

This February we have already seen some hot weather, almost like summer. With hot days already upon us it is time to think about stocking up on Warm Weather Drinks. In Texas summer never starts on June 21st, it starts well before then weather wise, so the summer entertaining season will be upon soon enough. Luckily for you, your favorite “liquor store near me”, Oak Liquor Cabinet, has you covered when it comes to hot weather drinks. If you need drink suggestions, read on, we have several suggestions for you when it comes to what liquors to keep stocked for the upcoming hot weather. This will be a series of articles on our website, and to start things off, we will start with the king of warm weather time drinks, Rum. There is a reason that rum is the main drink in the Caribbean.

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Local Texas Beers @ Oak Liquor Cabinet

At Oak Liquor Cabinet, your favorite “liquor store near me”, we like to keep it local and keep it Texan, to that end we support bringing in local Texas beers and Austin brewed beer. We are proud to be Texan’s, and Texas beers boldly make a statement, strong, generous, and finely crafted, which us just a small part of why we support Texan made beers, ales, stouts, porters and other local Austin beers made in Texas by true Texans.

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Local Texas Tequila At Oak Liquor Cabinet

Your local “liquor store near me” Oak Liquor Cabinet, has a huge selection of Local Texas Tequila to enjoy neat, on the rocks or better yet with a Margarita. With national Margarita day on February 22nd, you could say its actually the month of Margaritas. If you have not yet had a Delicious Margarita, it is not to late! To help you we have some great but inexpensive Tequila to make margaritas with. We have The Man In Black, 1.75 gallon sized blanco and repasado Tequila on sale for only $29.99, which is enough to make a ton of Margaritas with.

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Low Calorie Drinks with local Austin spirits

Worried about your figure and stressed that drinking local Austin spirits or beers, wine or liquor might stack on some weight? The bad news is that drinking can cause you to gain weight, the good news is that there are plenty of drinks that you can drink which will not add weight on you. The key here is portion control, and knowing when to say you have had enough. Another is to not use sugary drink mixers, not only do these drink mixers add weight, they also can cause hangovers.

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Whiskey Is a popular choice at Austin Liquor Stores

Every Austin liquor stores carries whiskey. We have had many customers in our Austin liquor store explain to us that they are new to whiskey, and ask us for help. Whiskey is the most popular drink of choice at most Austin liquor stores, and every day more and more customers are discovering exactly how good whiskey tastes, but want to learn more. Even experienced whiskey drinkers could use a little more information about whiskey, so here are some whiskey facts.

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Tartaric Crystals in Wine At Austin Liquor Stores

Have you ever found white crystals in your wine that at first you assumed were glass? Many Austin liquor stores have had customers report that they have found crystal clear or white flakes floating in their bottle of wine. You can be rest assured that these crystals or flakes are indeed quite normal. These are known as tartaric crystals. While not often seen in American fine wine, they are quite natural, in fact their presence means you actually have a bottle of flawless fine wine.

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