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Beginners Guide To Tasting Wine

Oak Liquor Cabinet, your neighborhood liquor store features wine tastings every single Friday. Many of our customers enjoy these wine tastings, but many more shy away from trying these wine samples, due to being new to wine tasting. If you are new to the world of wine tasting, trust me when I say that learning how to taste wine properly is no different than learning how to appreciate fine arts or music. Wine may be complex, more complex than most people realize, but the complexity is in the grapes, vintage, region the wine is from, and other aspects, and not so much in learning how to taste and pair your wines.

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Food and Wine Pairing Guide

Expert wine tasters always focus on 1 key factor for food pairing. Want to learn what the pros look for when pairing wine with food? Look for further, Oak Liquor Cabinet of Austin is here to help you get set on your way to taste wine just like the professionals do! By the way did you know that Oak Liquor Cabinet of Austin also features wine tastings every Friday from 5PM to 9PM? That’s right we have professional wine experts every week in your local Austin liquor store near me (you)! Even if you know nothing right now about how to taste and judge wine, we can help you! Customer service is key at Oak Liquor Cabinet of Austin, your local neighborhood liquor store near you!

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Champagne the perfect New Years drink

When most people think of New Years Eve, they think of new years resolutions, the challenges and obstacles, as well as the joys experienced in the year passing. Yet we also think of celebrating the New Year with a drink, and that usually brings to mind Champagne. Here at Oak Liquor Cabinet we have all the Champagne you need, as we carry a wide variety of Champagnes and also many other types of sparkling wine. From bone-dry styles to slightly sweet cuvĂ©es, we have it all. Celebrate in Style at your favorite “liquor store near me”, Oak Liquor Cabinet.
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Top Wines For Christmas

It is that time of year again, no denying that the holidays are now upon us. If you are like myself, part of the holidays means gathering with friends and family over dinner and drinks. Drinks for many equals wine, it just goes so well with holiday foods and social gatherings. If you are looking for the perfect wines to celebrate with this season, look no further than Oak Liquor Cabinet in North West Austin! Locally owned and operated, carrying on the tradition of small business and serving your North West Austin Liquor store Needs needs for over 16 years now, we carry a great selection of fine wines. Selecting fine wines in North West Austin does not have to break the bank or your wallet, many of our recommended wines are under $20!

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