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Food and Wine Pairing Guide

Expert wine tasters always focus on 1 key factor for food pairing. Want to learn what the pros look for when pairing wine with food? Look for further, Oak Liquor Cabinet of Austin is here to help you get set on your way to taste wine just like the professionals do! By the way did you know that Oak Liquor Cabinet of Austin also features wine tastings every Friday from 5PM to 9PM? That’s right we have professional wine experts every week in your local Austin liquor store near me (you)! Even if you know nothing right now about how to taste and judge wine, we can help you! Customer service is key at Oak Liquor Cabinet of Austin, your local neighborhood liquor store near you!

The first thing to look for when pairing wine is the body of the wine. The body of the wine is how rich or thick the wine is. It is also the feeling of viscosity that a wine leaves in your mouth. Grapes grown in warmer regions tend to have more sugar for example, which produces more alcohol. The higher the alcohol content is, the more body your wine will have. Other factors that effect the body of the wine include the barrel wood, the concentration of flavors in the wine, and sugar content as we just mentioned.
Why does the body of the wine matter? Well one key area it matter is in food pairing. You want a wine that matches the body of the food you are eating. You want a wine that is not too heavy nor light for the dish you are serving or eating. If you match the body of the wine with the food correctly the wine and food will both compliment each other!
Here is an example of light wines to full body wines in order:
1. Northern Italian Pinot Grigio
2. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: Kim Crawford Marlborough
3. White Burgundy
4. Barrel-fermented Chardonnay: Rodney Strong Sonoma County
1. Valpolicella
2. California Pinot Noir
3. Chianti Classico
4. Zinfandel
If you still have questions with food and wine pairing, simple ask any store associate, we are always willing to help at your favorite local neighborhood liquor store!



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