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Hand Crafted Vs Mass Produced Tequila

Tequila, while you can find it at any Austin liquor store, not all brands are created equal. Most people know that Tequila is made from the agave plant, yet few people seem to know that the quality of the agave and the time it is harvested can deeply effect the quality and the taste of your Tequila. Many of the mass produced Tequila brands are forced for example to harvest their agave far sooner than it should be. Can you taste a difference in quality between for example a hand crafted Tequila which allows their agave to grow to the proper length of time versus some mass produced Tequila which harvests early? For many who actually compare two side by side the answer is a resounding yes.

Z Tequila for example is hand crafted in small batches. Every single agave plant they use is allowed to grow to the proper maturity before being harvested. Their tequila is made with 100% Natural Highland Agave, which gives it it’s unique taste. The method used to cook the agave can also have an effect on both the taste and the quality of the tequila. Z Tequila uses a special vertical pressure cooker which extracts only the sweet honey from the agave plant. This sweet honey is known as aguamiel. For those that like to buy local, Pepe Zevada the owner of Z tequila has all of his operations based out of Austin, with the exception of production, as Z tequila is produced in the Highlands of Jalisco. The owner of Z tequila is a frequent guest at Oak Liquor Cabinet, for tastings of his world famous brand.

Oak Liquor Cabinet, your neighborhood Austin liquor store near me (you), carries a wide selection of hand crafted tequila. Throughout the warm months ahead you can be sure to catch numerous tequila tastings at our store, we feature tastings every Friday and Saturday from 5 PM to 9 PM. If you have questions about any of the tequila at our store, feel free to ask any store associate for help in selecting the perfect tequila, weather it be for mixing or for sipping. We are also featuring an article next week on how to select the perfect tequila. Oak Liquor Cabinet is always here to help you with selecting any fine spirits, liquor, wine or beer.

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