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Make your own Fireball Recipe

Fireball is a popular drink at Oak Liquor Cabinet, your Austin local spirits store no matter what season it is. The start of summer has proven this, as sales of fireball still continue to climb. Many of our fireball drinkers also enjoy whiskey and bourbon, as fireball is basically cinnamon whiskey. What if I told you I could show you how to make your own fireball with the whiskey of your choice? Yes you can take your favorite bourbon or whiskey and make your own cinnamon whiskey! You can even adjust the heat of it with some time and some tinkering around with the recipe. Want it very hot? That can be done easy, want it with just a hint of fire? That too can be done, so you can enjoy the flavor of your whiskey more, yet get a hint of fire with your bourbon. Your favorite Austin local spirits store is here to teach you how!

The process is rather simple. It involves a candy most of you will remember from your childhood. You take Red Hots, which cost only $1 a box and use that to infuse the whiskey of your choice. Whats more is not only will your whiskey get that fireball taste, it will also take on a deep red color. This drink tastes best over ice. For a more exotic taste, you can add some orange juice or orange zest for a orange twist, like slow and low with a cinnamon kicker to it.


750 mil of your bourbon or whiskey of choice
3/4th cup or 6 ounces of Red Hots candy
1. Make the infused bourbon: In a large jar, combine the bourbon and Red Hots, and let sit overnight for the bourbon to infuse. The bourbon will take on a deep red color. Strain and discard any remaining Red Hots.  Recipe courtesy of Oak Liquor Cabinet, your Austin local spirits
2. Make the cocktail: In a mixing glass, combine the infused bourbon, orange juice and ice. Wrap the orange peel around the inside of the rocks glass, then fill it with crushed or pebbled ice. Stir and strain the liquid into the rocks glass. Serve.
Note: You can garnish your cocktail with a cinnamon stick.

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