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Rye Whiskey By Your Local Fine Spirits Store

Here at Oak Liquor Cabinet, your Local Fine Spirits Store we sell a lot of Rye Whiskey. Yet we always run into people confused as to exactly what Rye whiskey is and how it differs from say Bourbon. While Bourbon and Scotch is often our best seller as far as whiskey goes, Rye is on the rise not only nation wise, but also world wide. This fine spirit was once in decline, but today the rise of Rye can be seen with the birth of many new rye whiskies to hit the market. Whiskey lovers appreciate the big, spicy and brash flavors that rye has to offer.

While rye has much in common with both American whiskey and bourbon, and in fact may be made in the same Kentucky distilleries using similar methods, there are vast differences between the two. While both may be made with corn and rye, the mash bill is vastly different. Rye must have at least 51% rye to be called rye whiskey, so any rye you find at Oak Liquor Cabinet, your Local Fine Spirits Store will conform to this. Bourbon on the other hand is made from at least 51% corn, if not more. Bourbon tends to be sweeter due to the higher percentage of corn present. However I should point out that both Bourbon and Rye are aged in charred, American-oak barrels.

Rye is enjoyed as a shot, on the rocks, or as the main spirit of a proper Old Fashioned, Sazerac or Manhattan. Looking for more drinks that use Rye whiskey? Oak Liquor Cabinet, your Local Fine Spirits Store has an article next week featuring drink recipes with Rye Whiskey, stay tuned to our blog for more!

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